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Berlin 2011

Guten Tag mein liebe Freunden!

The last 2 days I visited Berlin and did some real nice activities. Today I’m planning to go shopping and tonight we will visit the Berlin International Design Festival. But unfortunately we will leave tomorrow morning back to holland.

The first day we needed to order 45 pizza’s for all the students. And my German is well enough to call some pizza delivery services. So we calles 5 of them and order by each of them 9  pizza’s with the same taste. In 45 minutes they all delivered properly and we had a nice meal. In the evening we went to Prenzlauer Allee to have some nice drinks.

Yesterday we hired some fat tire bikes and a guide cycled with us through the lovely city of Berlin! Also we went to a very impressing museum of the Jewish History, that was breathtaking. After a cultural sightseeing on bikes we went back to the hotel for a quick shower and together with the girls of Soldoutforever we went for a really nice meal the 16th floor of a very nice restaurant/lounge.

Here are some impressions of that warm and really nice day!











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  1. Love the new lay out!


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