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Urban Nomad Modern Relax Moment

What is it?

An urban nomad needs to take a little rest once in a time. Sometimes he isn’t travelling through the city of concrete jungle. Sometimes he needs to relax, hear Music in an old-fashioned way with a modern and a little designed edge on it. It’s a hyper new record player from Chris Rockliffe called Audia. It’s the perfect way to play the old school LP’s!











Why it’s cool?

It isn’t a cool record player when you don’t have the right music! An Urban Nomad is well-known by his open-mindedness and wide interest in other cultures, people and other varieties of people! So the perfect record to play will be the new album “Born This Way” from Lady Gaga, released 23 may 2011! It’s a progressive way of making music and Lady Gaga tells in her songs where she stands for. Equality, one race and peacefulness. And some people don’t like the way she dresses, talks and shows herself in public with meat on her skin or entering the red carpet in an egg. It’s all different from other people would do, and that’s what an Urban Nomad also does! Be distinguished but with a clear vision to the world!


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