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Urban Nomad #Sky Tran

What is it?

How about a personal maglev train? Granted, it wouldn’t truly be “yours” per se, but you and a friend would share a pod to get around instead of cramming on to a subway or trying to flag down a taxi. You would just walk up, crawl in, and go where you need to go. No word on HOW you let it know where you need to go, but I will assume that the people looking to sink millions into a project like this have thought that part through.

Why it’s cool?

This way of transportation will not be available for an Urban Nomad the next 10-15 years. But in the further future it would be an ideal way to go to meetings, catch up with friends and all this in a more efficient way than before. Compared to the other transportation system I blogged about this one is more personal and you don’t have to wait for the bus that is in many ways the next 10 years for an Urban Nomad more accessible. skytran 3


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