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What is it?

Unlike other dating or social network sites, Grindr is meant to be mobile. And it uses GPS technology to instantly locate guys in your area. New in town? Tap into Grindr to check out who’s on the scene. On a trip? Use Grindr to find a local who’d like to show you around. Hanging at home? Make Grindr your go-to place and see who’s looking to meet up. No matter where you find yourself, Grindr is the go-to app for socializing in seconds with the guys right around you.

Why it’s cool?

I am using this app for a few days now and I’m amazed by the many contacts I make during the day. I contacted a few guys who were very close to me and even some that where at the same time at the same place where I was, at the Academy. It feels very awkward  to meet that guy a few minutes later. But I understood that this app isn’t only for meeting guys and socialize. Some users are using this app to find sex. That’s not the intention of the app, at least that is what Grindr tells at their site. The instant gratification content is very high. Specially when you look for “sex”. But it’s cool you meet people in your neighbourhood and it’s more approachable to talk to the guys in real life.


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