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Swedish students about International Lifestyle Studies.

Yesterday evening was my last night in Stockholm. I met Axel in Torget for a last drink. He is a European Politic Student and we had some real good conversations about the political systems in Europe and how this political structure has changed over the last 10 years. But we also concluded there were many similarities in our future profession.

A lot of deskresearch, facts and figures en a little forecasting is very important. That’s also an important skill when you’re becoming a trendwatcher. But when I told the whole structure of ILS (International Lifestyle Studies) he was totally shocked about the huge amount of effort and time we do spend on it! I told some examples about manifestations of trends in Stockholm what’s totally normal for Swedish people but what I translated in a worldwide trend. I noticed my iPhone had a really good reach deep in the subway. Sometimes the tunnels are more than 50 meters under the ground and I had no problem getting a good signal. The government takes care that citizens in Stockholm always  connected with each other. I told them that this was a nice example of instantaneous gratification. But what I’m saying is that this constantly looking around “thing” and gathering information and assimilate it and then translate this to worldwide trends is really difficult, all the people I spoke to and explained this, they really understand the importance of it and were impressed that someone of 21 could look that way to the world without being judgemental. First of all it was a huge compliment for me and for all my teachers and secondly they told I did inspire them by this way of  life.

So, I spread the word in Stockholm. And this goes very fast, because in no time a lot of other people came to me and asked me about it. “Oooohw, is he studying trendwatching, wow cool!” “But isn’t Sweden very boring to spot trends?”

Hopefully they spread the word further into Stockholm!


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