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Spy Bar!

In my blog about the top 10 non-tourist places to go to in Stockholm I mentioned on number #1 the Spy Bar. Yesterday evening I started my night in Gamla Stan at Torget together with Axel. It was really nice and the atmosphere was really nice. I met some other real nice but also very strange people. Niklas is that typical Nils Holgersson person. Then there was Jan (pronounced like Jon but written like Jan) he had a dreadful English accent and was a typical business men. But he was too drunk to talk normal with me. And of course there was Finnish shemale Nikki. When you’re well-known with the British tv-series Little Britain, she had the looks of ladyboy Ting Tong. And last but not least worldwide superfan of Armin van Buuren: Tikinta.

Let’s start with Tikinta. I don’t know who told it but someone said I was the little brother of DJ Armin van Buuren. And in no-time Tikinta stood in front of me. She was thrilled meeting me. I could do 2 things: play the role as brother or tell her it isn’t true. But I choose the first one. Tikinta couldn’t speak that English very well, I think she had drunk too much and besides that half of her words were in Swedish. She told me she was a poet and songwriter, and she could sing very good. Her dream was to sing in front of Armin van Buuren. That was a little reckless but she was so convinced she could reach her goal I wasn’t the person who would say she hadn’t any change by far. At the end of the evening she gave me a little paper what I needed to give to Armin. More details about this paper I can’t share with you because it was strictly private!

Then my Ting Tong ladyboy Nikki was really impressed by my necklace. She couldn’t control herself and was constantly touching it. Someone told me she had a necklace fetish. This only happens to me.

At 1 o’clock we (Axel, Niklas and I) walked to the Vodka Bar. Time flu and the last subway was gone. So I need to go all night long. Axel needed to go to school next morning so unfortunate he needed to go home. But Niklas and I went to Spy Bar. When we arrived there I didn’t bring my passport with me and the security was f*cking strict! So Niklas and I walked back to the hotel to get my passport. Finally we entered Spy Bar. It was an insane cool club! Great music not very busy and a fantastic atmosphere. Here I met a new guy named Robert. We talked about what brought me here and that kind of stuff. In no-time it was half past 5 I think when we rolled out of the Spy Bar. And Stockholm has 2 nice things. At that time there’s just 1 club open (Spy Bar) and there’s a McDonald’s wich is open 24 hours!

I had a really great time here in Sweden. I blogged a lot and this last story will be my last blog about Stockholm 2011. This summer I want to come back again! Hopefully you got a good impression of my 4 day trip. There are a lot of holes in this blog about yesterday because I can’t remember everything but I really want to thank: Axel, Niklas and Robert for introducing me in the Swedish culture!


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