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My top #10 Non-Tourist places in Stockholm!

Why do I call it Non-Tourist, it’s very simple. A visit to Stockholm needs to me memorable. And the only way to achieve this is to feel how it is to be a Swedish citizen. Everyone goes to the Vasa-Museet and Junibacken or visit the royal palace and takes a bus tour through Stockholm. That’s nowadays not interesting anymore. So I made up a list of 10 different things in Stockholm to feel the real Stockholm experience. On the map I pointed out where you can find it. Hopefully you will visit them next time you’re in Stockholm.

#10 Kista (Niet op de kaart)

Kista (Sjista) is a suburb in the north of Stockholm. When you take the blue subway line to Akalla you’re in 10 minutes from Central Station to Kista. Many Swedish people aren’t fond of Kista because there live many foreign people. But when you’re interested in many cultures it’s a really good place to shop and have a great meal at the FoodCourt.

#9 Östermalmshallen

The richer and older citizens of Stockholm buy their food fresh at one of the market halls of Stockholm. But you can also have  a lunch there, they prepare your food in front of you and that gives an authentic feeling. The building of 20th centuries reflects the genteel and traditional atmosphere inside. It his a little more expensive than the supermarket but it is a really nice experience.

#8 Subway Art galleries

I already mentioned this in my blog about the Children’s Playground: Subway stations which are turned into art galleries. You find some really nice galleries at the stations of Hallonbergen, T-Centralen and Akeshov. Get  informed by the public transportation point SL for a brochure of every subway station.

#7 Torget

In Gamla Stan there’s a really nice gay bar where a mixed public goes out. It’s a small bar with friendly staff. They project old movies of the 70s and the walls are decorated with baroque motives. In the weekends there are theme parties like a drag queen song festival.

#6 Le Café in Sturegallerian

This business café I mentioned before is a great example of  typical places where tourists never come. It’s situated in the east-side of Stockholm where the rich people go for their shopping. Salads, toasts, muffins and great coffees are served here in a really nice ambiance. It’s mixture between lounge and typical conversation tables.

#5 R.O.O.M

In this old factory building you will find a gigantic space where furniture and living accessories are stalled. For every single room in your house they have several departments. There’s also a Café: Ett Litet Kök where you can relax after a day spending your money. The prices are very varied.

#4 Sturebadet

This Jugendstil swimming pool at the top of  Sturegallerian is restores in his original condition. After a busy day of working or shopping you need to pay, compared to other swimming pools, more than usual for this lovely spa bath. unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures unless I would pay to go for a swim. 

#3 Vapiono

In this Italian restaurant, which is a unique concept in more than 7 european countries, you feel like you’re eating between fresh herbs and little greenhouses. It’s busy every single night and at approximately 7 o’clock you need to wait 20 minutes. But the food is delicious and not that expensive at all. It looks very fancy because it’s such a popular restaurant. You need to order you’re food at the open kitchen where you get a kind of ufo that lights up when your food is ready. So in the meantime you can lean back and chat with your friends or other people who’re sitting mostly of time at the same table or bar.

#2 Urban Outfitters

When you’re in Stockholm you need to see this really cool store. It is situated in an old  cinema. I posted some pictures already in a previous blog. I don’t really like the clothes they sell but the experience of changing on the stage with a little transparent doors is really cool. Check this store and judge it yourself!

#1 Spy Bar

The rich and famous of Sweden spend their weekends at this exclusive bar. If you’re attending spending one night at a luxurious bar, than you need to have a lot of money here, but it’s worth it. And of course you don’t know the famous people in Sweden but the decadent atmosphere is really amazing.


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