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Stockholm Day #1

Finally I’m back at a wonderful city! It’s just like Amsterdam but then a little different. It feels like I’m coming home. Big city, a lot of cultures and everything is going easy and there’s no stress. Stockholm is a trending city where people have their own styles and manners of making there lifes as easy as can be. I think the quality of Life in Stockholm and surroundings is very high

When I arrived at Skavsta I had a very relaxing transfer to Stockholm Central. At half past 6 I reached my destination: Rädmansgatan. Very difficult to read en speak. But it’s a really simple translation of: Wethoudersstraat.

I was planning to go to a real nice en trending bar called TipTop, it was 2 blocks away from my hotel, but arriving there, no TipTop. So I decided to go to Kista to have a nice meal at the Kista Galleria. It was totally renewed the last 2 years. I didn’t recognize it anymore. I had a great meal at a Spanish toko. After that Iwent into the shopping centre. New stores with very kind staff. I spoke to a lady of the new G-star Store. She was very impressed by my glasses and jeans. She said: “You’re  a foreign, tell me where do you come from, your style is very nice, love your jeans!” I told her of my job at The Sting. Wich is, I think, a really good concept for Sweden. The stores with  men clothes are filled with: G-star, Scotch and Soda and their own brands. And of course the usual stores as the H&M, Jack and Jones and NewYorker.

When I was travelling from the North of Stockholm to the inner centre of it: Gamla Stan, I noticed there was no single blackerry, all the phoned were from Apple or Sony Ericsson. That was kinda awkward for me. In holland you have an Iphone or a Blackberry. But here in Stockholm there are nog BB’s to be found. I will spot some BB’s the next days I’m here to check this further.

When I arrived in Gamla Stan I searched for the gaybar Torget. It was a small bar with nice bartenders and many different people. Swedish people also look only like Dutch. So I dragged myself to the nearest table and joined a few guys how were regular customers of Torget. I only remember 1 name: Kaspor. Written with an “O”. The were very friendly and after 2 beers I was so tired that my body said:”Ramon it’s enough, go back to your hotel and go to sleep”. Hopefully I can catch up this week with those guys!

 The first day was very cool, learned new people and watched carefully on the street what was happening. Hopefully I will speak tomorrow with more citizens of Stockholm.

Good night and I will talk to you tomorrow!

God natt!


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