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Steaming Dishwasher AAA

What is it?

Innovation, an unique design and professional results. Those are the assets of the renowned KitchenAid. The brandnew dishwashingmachine PRO-Steam fits perfectly in their vision. His unique steamfunction makes an end to all of the stubborn dirt en protects your expensive and delicate China. A nice and sustainable detail is the LED-sign that says if the dishwasher still running. No more listing at the machine if he’s ready.

Why it’s cool?

Steam at work

The PRO-Steam is equipped with handy and innovative sensortechnology. The sensor detects howmany dish and how dirty the dish is and adapts his steamprogram to the dish. This way you save a lot of time, money and energy.

Other major advantage is the steam function that is activated automatically when the sensor program switch. Specifically, the water pressure decreases during mainwashingprogram off and the temperature rises to 60 ° C to 62 ° C so that steam is created in the dishwasher. This soakes stubborn food residue away easily and is impeccably clean even the dirtiest dishes!

Moreover, research shows that the new KitchenAid PRO Steam to 13% cleaner than an average washing Class A dishwasher. Moreover treats delicate items with more steam than water softness. Useful detail: the PRO Steam projecting an LED signal on the kitchen floor as the chosen wash cycle has finished. So it’s done with open the dishwasher too early …

The PRO-Steam integrated dishwasher – KDFX 6030
• Power: 2200 W
• 7 programs including the SensorSteam program
• Number of place settings: 12
• Dishwashing with a maximum diameter of 29cm
• Visual feedback (LED Light)
• Start timer 1-24hrs
• Class AAA
• Water consumption: 13 L


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