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What is it?
Window-jogging is by the most people not yet introduced properly. Some people can imagine a visual idea by the word. But to help everyone making your everyday jogging hour into a nice experience I will explain to you what the idea really means.

My coach Jeroen travels a lot all over the world and is a busy man who wants to be healthy and in shape. Last week he was in London and he did his jogging hour a little different then he did before. To save precious time he combined the welknown windowshopping, wonder the beautiful windows of nice shops, with jogging. Not anymore through the park but in the city.

Why it’s cool?
To save time, people like Jeroen, combine simple daily things to make there lifes easier and more relaxing. By doing windowjogging it’s really cool and fun to run a certain course, starting at the Prada store, through some nice cosy streets and watch the windows of Scotch & Soda and end up at the lowbudget store Zara. Everyday another way to run, espacially when the sale starts you know where you need to be, so you don’t have to walk through the whole city to find that particular store. It’s healthy, interactive, creative and multitaskend! The nice wordplay Window-Jogging is easy to use because we know the word Windowshopping. Hopefully a new urban legend!


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