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Ski Dubai

What is it?

An amazing 22,500 square meters covered with real snow all year round.

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports, providing enjoyment and fun for all ages. Gliding through the soft snow is pure excitement and an unforgettable experience. From the first time you slide timidly down our beginner slope to the moment when you tackle a more advanced run, you’ll feel part of the action and enjoy the thrill of skiing.
Ski Dubai has the world’s largest indoor Snow Park, an amazing 3000 square meters covered with snow. In view of the Mall, the Snow Park offers tobogganing hills, a bobsled ride, tubing and a snow cavern filled with interactive experiences and amazing sights and sounds. It also has a large observation tower, offering a view over Ski Dubai’s main slope. Children and parents alike can enjoy building a snowman and playing on the hills.

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Why it’s cool?

Dubai is one of the most growing cities in the world. Dubai is centered in the middle-east on a peninsula. Dubai enjoys an arid subtropical climate. The hottest months are between June and September, when temperatures can soar to 45 degrees and more during the day and humidity levels are very high. And in the middle of that climate lays an indoor skiing resort. With a temperature difference of more than 40 degrees you enter a whole new world. Your sentences are confused and you’re amazed by the world you enter. It’s insane that you can find snow in a dessert. View the pictures I shared on my blog and feel the experience.


Een Reactie op “Ski Dubai

  1. ccinthecity ⋅

    Cool he, die ski-piste, was laatst ook op een documentaire over Dubai!! Wist je dat aan de buitenkant van de stad een electriciteitsbedrijf ligt, bijna 2 keer zo groot als de stad zelf om al die onzin draaiende te houden!! Hoezo milieuvervuiling… ;)!!

    Maar definitly een coole experience!!

    see ya monday honey, enjoy you’re weekend!!


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