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Precinct Five! – Authentic Style Detection

What is it?

On the 10th of December 2009, the doors to the old police station on Singel 459 opened for a never-before-seen concept. Precinct 5, located in this classic Amsterdam canal house, is where the Stussy and Enplus shops found their new home. The concept of the shop came from a unique collaboration of leaders and trendsetters of Amsterdam’s fashion- and music-industry. Under the management of the well-known DJ Mr. Wix, Precinct 5 will carry sophisticated and premium clothing originating from pure street culture. The interior of Precinct 5 is designed by architects Kuub, with a graphic identity created by Experimental Jetset.

Why it’s cool?

Precinct 5 derives its identity from a partnership between Mr. Wix, Patta and MassiveMusic. Last five years, Patta has proved to be one of Europe’s most progressive high-end sneaker stores. Their venture has led to some impressive collaboration with companies such as Nike, Converse and Reebok. For over ten years, Mr. Wix has been a recognized DJ and style icon. He is part of Parra Soundsystem and is associated in the organization of many parties such as Zwarte Lola and Bling in Jimmy Woo. MassiveMusic is a highly developed and cutting edge agency that produces music for moving images. Years of identifying, participating-in, filtering and combining style influences with a level of distinction and individuality makes this cooperation a perfect combination.

The store is made of an easy structured base, they easily can move through the store. Every 3 weeks they change the whole store. There’s a fantastic high ceiling where a moving construction with the al the stock of shoes is gathered. They can lift it up and down. They pictures in the slide show wil give a good impression. Soon more about what Janou, Melchior and me experienced with the Portuguese coolhunters. Also the real nice quotes and paintings in the staircase of the building.

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