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Mini Bar Amsterdam

What is it?

The mini bar in Amsterdam is a new concept in the going out scene. It’s situated at the Prinsengracht near the Leidschensquare. It’s a beautiful designed bar with on the right, a black wall where a beamer projects moving particles and on the left 45 mini bars with all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can reserve on the internet a mini bar and can select what kind of drinks it’s filled with. But you can also come in and take a seat and get a mini bar. You’ll receive a key for your mini bar and can take beer-, wine-, cocktail-, and sodaglasses in one of the displays.

Why it’s cool?

It’s the first bar where you never have to wait to get your drink. You can become your own bartender without doing the hard work like refilling, take orders and work hard late at night. By “buying” a key when you leave your credit card/passport at the concierge, you can pick al the drinks you want out of the mini bar. You can sit and relax, chitchat or work where-ever you want in the building and can choose your drinks without waiting, ordering, waiting and paying. The concierge fills up your mini bar when you will take out something and makes a receipt in the computer. This concept is very clever, especially in the financial way. You don’t pay your drinks when you’ll get them out of the mini bar but afterwords when you go home. This is a cool concept because you don’t experience the waitingcues and waitingtimes at a normal bar, but the experience is that you’re in control of the mini bar without refill, wait and pay during the time you want to relax and have a good time.


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