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Vasa Museet Stockholm Galärparken

What is it?

This coolhunt is made in Stockholm, Sweden. I went there last year for a school excursion. Nowhere in the world there is a ship like Vasa. Every year, more than a million people come to see the shipwreck which has become such a sensation. Vasa brings the 17th century to life for us. It is important for future generations to be able to experience this magnificent vessel and all the objects found with it.

Why it’s cool

To preserve objects from decay is not easy. Preservation attempts to counteract the forces of nature that break down all material over time. Some materials are difficult to preserve, others easier. In Vasa’s case, they are dealing with wood that has been under water for over 300 years. Much can happen to timber over such a long time; biological activity breaks down the wood, chemicals penetrate into it and the cell structure is destroyed. This is why waterlogged wood must be conserved. If it is allowed to dry out after salvage, the wood would split and collapse. Without conservation, Vasa could never have survived in the condition it is in today. The whole museum has the same style as the Vasa ship. You will experience the old times, it smells old and there are many sneaky ways through the museum what makes the experience more thrilling. Also the building where the shipwreck is built is a magnificent piece of art. You can see the ship at 9 different levels at 8 different places in the museum.

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  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

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