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People who stop your ability to move fast and furious.

You’re in a hurry. Want to run fast to catch that last bus, cross over the street before the light switches red or quickly ran in to that grocery’s before it closes. But there always some people who stand in your way, walk slowly, with 5 in a row. They stop your ability to move fast and furious. The world is moving much faster than 20 years ago. Due more technical innovations they force people to move faster. Time is money and every second something stands still it costs tons and tons of money. You can see that at many airlines, for example RyanAir. That’s a low budget airline company. You can fly with 2 persons for €60,00 to Barcelona. That’s as cheap/expensive as a retour ticket to Amsterdam without any funds. Every extra minute their connected to the gate, it’s money wasting time. They can’t afford a delay of 10 minutes.

Now we know that we’re forced to move faster. Not all of the people on mother earth are realizing that time is money. My inspiration to write this blog is that when I need to catch the train in Roermond to Reuver, there always people who’re walking that slow and chilly that they’re walking in my way to catch the train. They step out the train and look comfortably around, grab something out their bags and meanwhile they keep me waiting to catch my train.

First of all the trainstation. The place where people take their way back home or arrive and go to work, people who take their train to visit their relatives or travel to Schiphol. Everyone can imagine a situation that they were a little late to catch the train. Quickly grab your ticket, look for the right track and run as fast and furious you can to catch that train that leaves in exactly 1,5 minutes. You also forgot the newspaper and grab it at the AH to Go. You hear the whistle and the first door to enter is filled with people, damn, no space that second door you can catch are 2 old people trying to get on with their suitcases. That third and last door what’s possible to catch is already closed. The doors 1 and 2 also are closing and slowly the train rides in direction of your destination. Destination you’ll know, and all of those people who stopped your ability to move fast and furious, didn’t know.


2 Reacties op “People who stop your ability to move fast and furious.

  1. kaitlin

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  2. dsquared

    Actions speak louder than words

    dsquared shoes

    – shakwandee5ha

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