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What is it?

Squidoo is a user-generated website which uses the concept of a lens as its primary feature. In his ebook “Everyone’s an Expert,” Godin describes a lens as “[filtering] light and [showing] us what we need to see.” Lenses are much like blog posts, except they’re on a single subject. The site also allows content creators to earn revenue from referral links to sites like and Ebay.

The users who create lenses are called “lensmasters”. A lensmaster can be anyone with an interest in a specific subject; they do not necessarily have to be externally-recognized experts. Squidoo contains lenses on 22 different topics, including Health & Medicine, Food & Cooking, and Business.

The site also employs a unique payment scheme: 5% of its revenue goes to charity, 50% goes to the lensmasters, and 45% goes to Squidoo. Squidoo and its lenses rely on advertising and affiliate links to create revenue. Nearly half of lensmasters donate their royalties to any of 65 featured charities, ranging from NPR and the American Heart Association to smaller organizations like Chimp Haven and Planet Gumbo. In October 2008, Squidoo donated $80,000 to charity.

Why it’s cool

Squidoo is notable in that it allows users to create multimedia pages without learning HTML. These pages often achieve built-in popularity due to their association with thousands of other Squidoo pages. For the ILS students it’s cool because all of the domains we use at school are descriped in lenses. For leaks it’s a great site to search for topics their interested in. In these times that people want to share everything with the world, squidoo it’s a cool and trendy place where people share their interests.


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