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Streethunt: instantaneous gratification, Traffic light @ the hairdresser.

What is it?

During my streethunting this week I ran into this traffic light, right in front of the hairdresser. This traffic light shows you how long you need to wait before it’s your turn. You don’t have to make an appointment, and in your lunchbreak you can go take a quick visit to the hairdresser. The color green means; no waiting time, you’re the first in line. Orange; means that there’s a queue and you need to wait for a few minutes. Red means that you need to ask inside how long it takes before it’s your turn.

Why it’s cool?

This traffic light fits perfectly in the instantaneous gratification. I want it here, I want it now, I want it immediately. Due to the traffic light you can see if you’re needs can be fulfilled. It’s a ‘real-time’ service. Nowadays people are so busy, that an appointment at the hairdresser is difficult to make. Busy people take a chance and take a visit at lunchtime, they can see immediately if they can take a seat for a quick haircut, or not.  Thanks to this traffic light you can see if they got time to do a haircut or you need to go to the next hairdresser across the street. I see potential growth in this product. I think that supermarkets can save money, and in this case, make money. Time is money. I hate to stand in queue for a long time. So when I’ve got just a few articles I put some away and walk through the: “maximum 10 articles” pay desk. It’s easy to use and everyone is familiar by the colors of a traffic light.

Source: Spotted  @ Nieuwlandstraat in Tilburg.


Een Reactie op “Streethunt: instantaneous gratification, Traffic light @ the hairdresser.

  1. sharemymoments ⋅

    haha geweldig!!:P
    Waar heb je dat dan gevonden?!:P
    Het enige wat ik vind voor coolhunten op gebied van health zijn die gras etende schapen haha

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