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Out of money?! Help what to do!!!!

Ain’t got no money, ain’t got no clothes…..

singing by Nina Simone. But here’s the answer!

What is it?

It’s a paper, taped on a three. Now do you think:”What’s the function of this piece of paper?” I will explain you. During a cultural festival in Venlo, called Zomerparkfeesten (in English SummerparkFestival) it’s always very busy, you drink a lot of beers with your friends and give and take several rounds of drinks. But when you ain’t got no money anymore, this piece of paper gives you the opportunity to give yet another round of drinks!

Why it’s cool?

When I took a first look at it I didn’t understand it immediately. So I looked a second time and noticed they meant by the word round, not in sense of a round of drinks, but a simple figure, a round figure. You can tear off a “round” and give it to one of your friends. The twofold meaning of the word “round” makes you think. They attend people of the meaning that they can go broke at a festival and continue a nice day the solve it in a very amusing way. it’s simple dough effective. In these times when the recession enters our wallets it’s important to spent on a good and wise manor. It’s financial health.


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