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Trendlists by Lifestyle students.

Ask some female students what the latest trends in fashion are and they can tell you exactly what’s hot and what’s not. When you show them a tight fit shirt with a flower design their faces will turn white of disgrace. So when I asked them to write down 1 fashion item from this season and 1 item for the season 2011-2012 they should have known what the trends in fashion would be. As young fashionista’s they wrote down some items and I gathered them to analyze them and gave them feedback about what they wrote down.

Now do you think, what does Ramon know about the fashion industry and the new trends. Well, I followed a workshop trendwatchen in fashion by Dutch designer Janice. Not to confuse with Janice Dickinson, because she’s more from the model industry. He asked us to make a mood board of the trends that were totally hot this season. 8 groups presented their mood boards and we analyzed them and we noticed that all of our comments 1 trend item was 100% hot. That’s also the item my female and a couple of male students wrote down on their paper. It’s the so-called: ”Denim look.”
I can write down a whole story about it, but that’s just paper-filling talk. I don’t want to diverge from the main subject.

You would say that the students anno 2010 would know what the latest trends are, but I was shocked by what I read. There were some students who really knew what the new trends for season 2011-2012 are going to be. But some of them were totally confused and mixed up some styles that probably could become a trend in 2020 or later.

There were no shocking items to be found in the trendlist of this season.
The top#3
#3 (19%) Denim look and the nerd look are sharing the third place. Oversized fake ray-bans are setting the tone in NerdieVille.
#2 (22%) The shoulder pads in jackets and dresses are very popular.
#1(30%) Boyfriend fit, the jeans, the oversized shirts and the hair quickly put in a small tail.
But I found 2 items that are kinda strange. The iPad and the Blackberry (BB). 4% of the students put those on the fashion trendlist 2010. I assume they meant it like accessory by the outfits. I think it’s a must have that really good matches with your outfit. Without a gadget your naked anno 2010. This trend will pursue in the future.

The trends in 2011-2012 were very inconsistent by the trends that prognosticated by the big designers in all over the world. A new trend is the opposite of the trend of last season. Now you see very clearly that it’s big, huge, boyfriend fit and totally anti-feminine. So next season the female curves are dominating the fashion scene. Ladies, show us your hips and boobs. It’s all very basic with a lot of luxury like accessories, pearls, details in fabric, zippers and textures. Some trends will continue next season like the shoulder pads and the nude look.
Some trend items students wrote down were very strange but not unthinkable. More color was with 24% the winner in the trendlist 2011-2012. With the financial crisis people don’t wear a lot of color. In poor times people wear sober and warm colors like brown and black. The 40’s look with camel coats (8%) is this winter hot and happening. It reflects the times after world war II. Also called in the trendlist 2011-2012 is the iPad. This gadget reflects the revolutionary time we are living in, and shows us that the economy gets better and there’s more financial space. Last but not least I want to share with you a very weird dough important trend item. It’s called Burkafashion. I needed to do some research about it because I wasn’t familiar with it. In these times of many cultural differences we adapt to ethnical backgrounds, they inspire our mind of thinking on a whole different way. Last 3 years it appeared on different catwalks.

Click on the next hyperlink to see some examples in Burkafashion.

Burka hits the runway

Summarized, the trends in fashion are the trends that we make. When we’re sick of one of those trends we’re looking for new ways to dress us. But the feminine look will set through next year and all the boyfriend jeans and lumberjackets can be stored at the back of your closet.
After all, the proverb:” dress to impress”, never loses his trendstatus.


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